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Premier, award-winning contemporary glamour and fine art photography, specializing in timeless portraits of women and their families. Serving the greater Boston and Providence areas.


this is not a photoshoot. it's an experience.

Women often feel as if they are an unseen force, whether they are a tireless mother or the CEO of a corporation. It becomes easy to put everyone’s happiness before your own.

Too often as a portrait photographer, I saw moms with amazing kids say “I don’t want to be in the photo,” “I’m not beautiful,” “I made sure the kids looked good, but I don’t look good.” It broke my heart, I wanted women of all shapes, sizes colors and philosophies to feel like their most beautiful selves inside and out.

My portrait experience for women is transformative. Women come to me in the morning, no makeup, hair astray, still holding the cares of home and work. And, as they sit, having their hair and makeup done, putting on their gorgeous clothing, they come back to who they are. Who they are behind the paperwork, or jam stains, or minivans: beautiful, desirable, glamorous.....and powerful forces to be reckoned with.

As a photographer, I am also a fine artist. It’s easy, in this era of filters and reasonably-priced cameras to find a photographer to snap a few cute family shots, quickly apply an editing filter and burn a disk. What I do goes far beyond. We start with a consultation to reveal what you feel is your most beautiful, empowering self. The photo session begins with a hair and makeup appointment with a professional stylist, someone to take care of you for a change. Together we create your vision. Only then, when you’re relaxed and confidant, do I start taking photos.

Fine art photography means that I take time to create the best image of you that you’ve ever seen. I’ll subtly pose you bring out your best, most joyful self, pay particular attention to light and composition to create a perfect image and use expert digital retouching and “photoshopping” to create rich colors and ‘magazine quality” images. This goes beyond a flattering snap, this is creating a portrait with experience and intention.

i'll change the way you see yourself.

Makeup + Hair + Photoshoot for 2: $190

Wall portraits start at $225  |  Folio Boxes start at $1200  |  You receive high-res files of any prints purchased.

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