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a new beauty

It's been 32 days since I've posted. I know this because Facebook is relentless with reminding me. But in those 32 days, I've accomplished a lot. I've been working with some amazing creative people over the last month and I'm so excited to share where this amazing transformation has taken Moving Lives Photography! 

I first want to thank Lisa Palmer and Dian Tobin for their wonderful hair and makeup mastery! They have transformed our clients into the most beautiful, confident, and powerful women. I had the honor of shooting beautiful, timeless portraits for them.

Moving Lives Photography wants to make sure every woman has a portrait that they love. How many of you moms out there want a family portrait, but always find yourself saying, "Just take photos of the kids, I don't want my picture taken."? Your children are going to want those memories someday. 

The ladies I've worked with have been absolutely amazing - and beautiful in each of their own ways. I didn't change anything about them, I simply brought out their natural beauty!