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some of my favorite photography posts of the week

Of course, I'm always checking out the news (usually with a cup of tea after the kiddo goes to bed at night!) looking for inspiring new ideas and stories about photography. Here are my five favorites for the week:

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  1. Are you always stuck with just your phone when your kid does something adorable and you wish you had your full point-and-shoot camera or DSLR? Here are 17 tips how to take great pictures with just your phone!  Source: Hubspot
  2. Ok, I posted about the importance of Aperture about a week ago.....but what if you DON'T want blurry photos? Check out this post to understand Depth of Field. Source: Digital Photography School
  3. Now for a feel good - have you seen the deer that photobombed a newborn shoot? OMG! Source: PetaPixel
  4. In our house we have a "no cell phone" rule at meal time, in restaurants, and bedtime. But sometimes I even wonder if that's enough!? Want to know exactly HOW SAD our world has become and how addicted we've become?! This photographer removed phones from his photos to show just how addicted we are as a society. Be warned: it's depressing. Source: Collective Evolution