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branding and what we're planning

2017 is a new year and time for some new "happenings" with Moving Lives! I wanted to share a quick peek into our most recent shoot with an amazing woman, Thea Charles, Fashion Consultant with LulaRoe. Thea had been looking to do some personal branding and I was up for the challenge! 

Thea has an amazing collection of fashion clothing and it was time we showed off her talent as a consultant as well as how beautiful she is in everyday life! Not only that, we really wanted to feature the clothing in all aspects of a woman's life - whether it's cooking, lounging, reading to your kids, etc. Whether you're a stay-at-home mom (one of the hardest jobs, trust me!) or a woman in the workplace, we wanted to convey the convertibility of these outfits. Hopefully that shines through!

We started at Thea's house one morning so the light was good. Yes, we did it in her home so that we could show real life. She has two beautiful boys, who were on their best behavior that morning while Mom and I took portraits! What a great time we had! But poor Thea....running outside in her outfits on a morning which was almost ZERO degrees out.....good lord, I don't know how she did it!! 

Check out a sneak peak and if you want to see the full collection, go to the branding gallery!

We've got some great plans for 2017 including some photoshop videos so you can see the editing process sped up! Fun.......those are my favorite, I could literally stare at them all day!

We're also scheduled to appear in an episode of FranklinTV to show off one of our shoots with the famous Sarah Mabardy! Get excited, 2017 is going to be fun!!!