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take better photos of your kids - ISO {photography tips}

Goodness, technical error on Wednesday when I tried to post this, it appears the link didn't work. I'm not a techie when it comes to the computer, so I won't even claim to know what happened! But let's try it again!

Ok, so we've figured out TWO of the THREE pillars of the exposure triangle. 

Shutter Speed and Aperture, check! Now we're on to: ISO!

What is ISO?  Well, it's how sensitive your image sensor (lens) is to light. The higher the number, the more grainy your picture. 

ISO comes into play when your environment is either too bright or too dark. If you get to a photo session and it's really, really bright outside (direct sunlight!) then you want your ISO to be set to a low setting. If you go into the woods to take photos of a family in the shade, you might want to take your ISO up to a higher setting.

Some cameras do a really good job of keeping the grain to a minimum when you have your ISO set to a high setting, but not all of them have that capability. So just remember....if you take your ISO up to a high level, you might get more grain than you wanted. And there's not much you can do in post-processing to get rid of it.

You're probably asking yourself, "well, if I don't want grain, why would I even take the ISO up?" Well, the issue is that if you want your shutter speed really high (to capture a kiddo in motion) and your aperture is set pretty high to get less blur, then you're going to have a pretty dark picture. The only way to compensate is to move to the ISO setting.

That's how the three pillars work together: there needs to be at least one setting that you are going to have to compensate with, you just have to choose which one.

The next post (next Wednesday, if I don't screw it up!) will talk about how to use all three pillars at once and to help explain how they really work together!!!