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a family's first photo

Tonight, I had the privilege of shooting a family's first professional family photo.  What an honor! I'm glad Mom didn't tell me that until the end....talk about adding pressure!

It went wonderfully - the kids were amazing and what beauties they were! What I wouldn't give for that flowing, red hair!

Of course, just like last week, I learned a few things, especially since I did a few more "poses" this time:

  1. Biggest lesson: I suck at explaining what to do when I want to pose a family. Absolutely horrendous. I know what I want, I can see it in my head. I can see the asymmetrical balance, the rule of thirds that I'm going for. But I can't explain it. At all. So that's one big thing I need to work on! 
  2. Also, I realized I didn't take my polarizing filter for my lens. BIG mistake. The poor kid's glasses kept reflecting my skinny legs and bright pink shirt! I was able to Photoshop it out in most of the photos, but that would have been a lot less work if I had just remembered the filter!
  3. I'm totally disappointed that I didn't get any mother/son, father/daughter, etc. shots. I need to make a list next time of all the shots I want to get! Time flies by when you're having fun!

The great news is all of the families that I'm working with are letting me have the chance to practice, and I thank them for that!

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