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candid portraiture: {a family of fun}

I have to say this was one of the more energetic groups I've shot, in a great way! Everyone was always moving, and I had so much fun just capturing that spirit. Thankfully, my daughter is about the same age as the little boy, so I definitely felt better equipped to handle his spunk! 

I loved every minute of shooting this family, we even got a chance to run to the playground for a few minutes (although, I felt terrible leaving them there as I know how it is trying to wrangle toddlers when they're having fun)!

On a more technical side, I really started focusing on the tone curve in Lightroom for this shoot. I found that it made the photos have a softness that I haven't been able to achieve in the past. I felt like for the first time there was a true softness to each and every shot (I almost want to go back and re-edit some more photos....but I need to find the time!)