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capturing the dog in manual mode

Manual mode is scary to everyone who starts dabbling in photography, myself included. Typically, when doing portraits, I tend to stay in the Av mode (aperture priority). I forced myself to start using the manual setting so that I wouldn't rely so much on the automatic camera settings myself. 

I also decided to take my 365 Photography project to a new level: shoot only in manual mode on Mondays using the hashtag #mlmanualmonday to share my good (and crappy) shots with others who are trying to gain confidence!

So today, I decided to capture my dog using manual mode, knowing that I would have to fiddle around with the shutter speed, since she is ALWAYS moving. The first attempts came out WAY to dark. I was using an 85mm lens, aperture at 1.8 (because I wanted a very blurry background) and the shutter speed was set to 1/500th of a second. I had to bump the ISO up to 1600 to get enough light in, since I didn't want to sacrifice the blurriness (aperture) or shutter speed. 

In the end, I still think the shot was a bit too grainy, so I think I would have perhaps taken the aperture up just a bit to allow me to take the ISO back down. But it was still a great shot overall and I'm proud to be gaining confidence in manual mode!