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cattails in the wind {family photo session}

Taking a bit of a break from my "photography tips" posts, I wanted to focus on a family shoot that I did last night. They were so much fun (what family isn't?)! There were two boys and a little girl. Now, of course, I am partial to the little girl because she was just around the age of my daughter and just as independent, stubborn, and sassy as my own. It was a challenge, yes, but I'm always up for a challenge! She was adorable.....usually responding to my questions with a simple "hi" and a little shrug.

One of the most fun things that I find with kids is taking them to a site with a playground, because the playground becomes a reward at the end. I get great pictures prior because they are invested in the session, knowing they get to play when all is said and done. 

We started off near the water, which is sometimes difficult with little ones since they're always attracted to the potential opportunity to swim! But as long as you keep them busy and interested in the present situation, they're always well behaved! 

Some parents become apologetic when their kids are running around, energetic and not willing to pose for pictures. That's ok!! I always reassure them that some of the best photos I've ever taken are of kids running and having fun. Why? Because their own personality shows through and you don't get a fake smile. 

The same was true for the children below - some of the best photos I got were of the kids running, playing, jumping, and waving cattails in the wind! (Seriously, the cattail pictures were my favorite!)

I think these are some of my favorite shots to date. Thank goodness for a bit of wind and the cattails! I could not have asked for a better, more energetic, personalized shot. She was enthralled by the cattails and loved every minute of them blowing in the wind, and I completely captured that in this one fleeting moment!

And come on, look at those eyes! I'll admit she was a tough cookie to convince to look at the camera. But when I did get the briefest moment, her eyes sparkled! 

It was a rare shot that I was able to get all three siblings together and happy! But I did, and the boys were so cooperative and helpful! Loved them all!

I can't thank this family enough for a fun evening! Check back tomorrow for more great photography tips for shooting better pictures of your family! I'm going to talk about the Exposure Triangle, so get excited! Subscribe now to get all the family photo tips delivered to your inbox!