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it's that day of the week! #mlmanualmonday

As a part of my Photo 365 project, I've decided to start a weekly tradition titled ML Manual Monday. I'm still not confident using Manual Mode (usually I'm in Av, Aperture Priority mode, which still takes great portrait shots). But I want to increase my confidence while working in Manual Mode to become free of constraints!  If you want to join me, please do! I'd love to do this with other people!  Feel free to post your #mlmanualmonday photos to the facebook page or comment below!

Today's subject used a prompt from Bethadilly Photography (www.bethadilly.com); from her #thebethadillychallenge. Her prompts are a wonderful tool to kickstart your creative juices. The August 1st prompt is: {Summer}. I just went outside for this one....I really wanted to capture how hot it's been here in New England; what better way to show it than our dead grass?! My dog, Crouton, matched the grass perfectly, and you can tell she was getting a little hot in the sun (we were only out for about 10 minutes, don't worry, she got lots of water!) I also switched to the shade, where it was a bit greener for my other dog, Luna, who showed up much better on a darker background.

There it is....my first #mlmanualmonday!  Please join me - if you're not as confident with your camera and always rely on Aperture Priority (Av) or any other programmed mode, try this with me! Don't be afraid to show the photos that didn't work and how you fixed them - by writing a summary of your process, mistakes, and solutions, it helps you learn! Feel free to share on social media with the hashtag! And see my links below to our Facebook page, Instagram, and other accounts! I'd love to hear from you and see how you're faring in this challenge like me! 


WAY too bright! ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/640

WAY too bright! ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/640

MUCH BETTER! By simply changing the shutter speed to 1/1250, I let less light in, while still keeping the ISO at 100 (less grainy) and the aperture at f/2.8 (nice bokeh, aka bluriness). 

WAY too dark! I had the opposite problem this time....  ISO 200, f/3.2, 1/1600

WAY too dark! I had the opposite problem this time....  ISO 200, f/3.2, 1/1600

This time, I upped the ISO to 400, keeping the aperture and shutter speed the same (f/3.2, 1/1600). I could have also done a slower shutter speed, but I was worried I wouldn't have a steady enough hand. This is why I decided to only change the ISO. It's still a considerably low ISO, all things considered, so it's not too grainy. And yes, I know, she can't see. That's not a problem with my camera. That's a problem with her hair.

More of my favorite images below:

These two photos created a story, when I set them side-by-side. My only regret is that the line of the grass is wrong. I was lower for Luna. which was unfortunate. I will re-shoot this at some point, though, because it makes for a great framed story.