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this is for my fellow moms (and dads!) out there

I'm starting something totally new and unique! When I first started, all I wanted to do was to take better pictures of my own kiddo. So I learned online, took some time and a lot of practice, but it still would have been awesome if there had been a supportive community to share my pictures with and get judgment free critique.

So I thought, why not start our own community of photo newbies, with the added bonus of getting awesome family photos?

It's a different kind of idea, but I know there's other moms and dads out there who are just like me and just want to get better with a camera, but don't have the time to watch online tutorials or take classes, or are too self-conscious about their photos to practice! Let's learn together and become part of a tight-knit photo group where you can feel totally comfortable in a privately-run group to share your pictures where there's absolutely no judgment, but always help and advice available!

Here's the deal: sign up to be a host and invite a minimum of five fellow moms or dads who want to learn more about how to use their camera or take better photos. We'll do a fun evening session (Friday night? Champagne?!), practice together, become part of a group, learn about the basics of a camera. The host gets a free family photo shoot and everyone else gets a discount if booked within the next three months!

Each person attending will get a "Helpful Hints" photo guide about the basics of how to use any camera's manual settings* and also a chance to practice together! You'll also get an invite to an exclusive and private Facebook group (keyword: PRIVATE!) that we can share our crappy photos together so that we can all give friendly and helpful advice! 

*Preferred if you have a DSLR camera (as the settings allow for more flexibility), but point-and-shoot cameras are welcome!