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check out this amazing video!

I've been talking about photography style a lot lately and how it's one of the hardest things to overcome as a photographer. This video shows just how different each and every photographer is and how every photographer's style is like a fingerprint. Every photographer sees something different and it truly matters how they view the subject. 

The premise of this video is that six different photographers were given the task to photograph the same man - but the subject gave each photographer a different story about himself (that he was an ex-convict, or a millionaire, or a fisherman, etc.). After talking to their subject, each photographer took portraits, trying to show off who they "thought" was the true man. 

When the reveal took place, the six photographs were placed next to each other - and each photo actually looked like completely different men, even though he was the same person.

Amazing. It just shows how each photographer has a different way of seeing the world and how you need to connect with your photographer.

Watch below.

Source: The Lab via Canon: Australia