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soft, evening light creates a beautiful photo

Last night, I was sitting at home while my daughter danced (a favorite pastime). The sun was beginning to set and we have this beautiful window in the front of our house that faces west. And on top of that, I have white sheers hanging behind the drapes. It was the perfect setting to take a low light photo. Low light photography is becoming more and more popular and I thought this was a great chance to try it out.

I grabbed my camera and began shooting. My daughter was in a really happy mood, but what I love about these photos is it seems very ethereal and calm. You don't even notice that she was screaming that she could SEE THE MOON! Or that she was laughing at daddy's funny dance moves. All you can see is the glint in her eyes and you focus solely on her face.

Using a 50mm lens, at ISO 1600 (remember, low light needs a higher ISO!), I took the shot. I did need to up my shutter speed because she was moving quite a bit. And I knew I was going to get a bit of grain in the photos since I was taking it at a higher ISO, but I was ok with that. This seemed like a good time to use the grain to my advantage.

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