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new logo design {my creative side}

As most of you know, my college degree is in Interior Design. I'm NCIDQ-certified, and most of my experience is in Retail Design. But the key word is DESIGN. I LOVE good design. I live and breathe fun sites like creativemarket. (Have you checked it out, it's got GORGEOUS stuff to just look around and get inspiration!)

Anyway, a designer is never satisfied. Never ever. And while I've been playing with my photography style, I also wasn't satisfied with my logo because it didn't go along with my brand. It also didn't match the style of the photography that I convey. 

I have to thank Sue Bryce, first off, because she had a great lesson about figuring out "your words". The words that your brand lives by. Only adjectives. What are my words?

lifestyle  |  transformation  |  color punch  |  whimsical 

dreamy  |  bold  |  quirky  |  energetic  |  alive  |  vibrant

And the old logo just didn't convey those adjectives. This was the old version:

The other problem? Whenever I used it as a watermark on my photos, you could NEVER read "moving lives". So on to the drawing board, as most designers do.

I used CreativeMarket as my biggest inspiration. Rose gold foil is one of my favorite textures, and it goes along with a lot of the style of my galleries. I needed a script-ish typography for the "moving lives" text because it's moving. We're talking about moving lives. It needs to flow.

But the words "photography" needed to be secondary. Yes, this is a photography service. But I don't just do photography. I am, hopefully, moving you - bringing tears to your eyes when your newborn photos come back. Bringing a smile to your face when you see your dog's wagging tail. Bringing laughter when you see your daughter's quirky funny face. #immmovinglives

That's where the new logo came from. Why pink? Do I focus on little girls?! Absolutely not. Pink is for everyone. Even daddy's in tutus. Or pink Martha's Vineyard shorts. Pink was only used because it's the color punch that I'm looking for in my style. And it reminds me to have fun.

Without further ado.......