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not my kids, venturing into unknown waters

No lie, my first experience outside the family was a bit scary. Taking photos of people you already know and love is easy. It's easy to get a natural smile from your own kiddo. Getting candid shots is easy because you have all the time in the world to snap photos, hoping one great one will come out!

So I was nervous. And if you know me, I'm a people-person. So it was a weird experience. The kids were amazing. Maybe they sensed my awkwardness, but they certainly didn't show it! I even had a great discussion about Batman vs. Superman, which turned into a very long debate about the Flash being the best superhero (I hadn't even considered him.....). 

The shoot went great! But I learned a few things, which is the whole reason I did this! If you don't learn from your experiences, what's the point?

  1. Relax, because the kids just need to have fun - I really noticed after a while, they loosened up when they found fish in the pond! Those were some of the best photos! I was trying way to hard at the beginning.
  2. Need to up that shutter speed for dogs.... I'm used to my 17 year old dog that doesn't move hardly at all.....
  3. On the posing side, I wanted the photos with mom and kids in front of the bridge to be better, but I spaced everyone out too much. The depth of field was too narrow and the effect wasn't quite right. I wanted some blurriness, but it was too much. 

Overall, what a fun night. I'm glad I did it, put myself out there. Scary, but worth it!

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