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personal branding headshots and why it's important

For clients who are either A) starting their own business, B) have a business, but need a better presence, or even C) who just plain need a better headshot for business purposes, Moving Lives is able to provide that sense of confidence with gorgeous portraits. 

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting a woman who is beginning an online hub for women business owners, to assist women in being empowered, but needing a little assistance to "put themselves out there". One thing that she needed was her own presence, to put herself out there.

We started with a great branding study - she answered honest questions about who she is and where she wanted to be. She told me about her ideal client, who she's trying to attract. With those answers, before even meeting her, it told me so much about her. I learned that she's confident herself, as well as a "get shit done" type of woman.

She is also very approachable. This is something I wanted to portray for her when the photoshoot happened. You'll notice that we tried different facial expressions, but something that I found was that her laughter produced the most amazing, beautiful smile that came across in her portraits. 

That smile is so approachable, especially to women who will be seeking her advice. 

I also worked with her to get the crops right depending on when and where she was going to use the photo: social media, LinkedIn, panel discussion headshots, etc. Close crops worked for leaflets or brochures, but the wide aspect ratio gives her the opportunity to add her own personal message in any capacity.

Take a look below and at her full personal branding album here.