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retro engagement {photo session}

I had the wonderful honor of doing an engagement session over the weekend and we did it in Providence. It was so neat because the couple loves to ride their Schwinn bikes through the city, down to Point Bridge. Everything about the shoot was retro - the bikes, the tattoos, the converse sneakers. And to make it feel even more, I really wanted to play with the color saturation to make it feel even more so! One of my favorites was near the graffiti at the end of the walk, the colors!

Another thing I wanted to try with this shoot was the use of tulle. I had this vision of kids with their old bikes riding around with little tassels on the handlebars. I decided to add that effect, but bring in a "bridal" feel, a more ethereal look with it blowing in the wind. I LOVED the way the wind took it and made it appear as it was floating. And the urban setting added just enough of a juxtaposition for the colorful backdrop.