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when your sky and ocean just don't quite do it for you {photo tips}

Sometimes people wonder - what's the point of hiring a pro when I can just take the damn photo myself?

This is why.

Over the weekend I took a BEAUTIFUL photo in Providence, overlooking the bay with the city skyline in the background...at sunset. I mean, come on! How perfect!

But no matter how I adjusted the exposure, something was going to be a bit dark or too light. Yes, I could have done an HDR shot (another story, another day). But I wanted my subjects to be well lit and perfectly exposed. The city/water/sky had to suffer for it.

Many photographers would download the photo, adjust the colors, tone curve, etc. and called it a day. But it takes an eye to know exactly what you could do to enhance the photo without making it look fake, photoshopped, or cheesy.

Here's the photo as I shot it in camera:

Southern Massachusetts, Providence, Moving Lives Photography

It's a nice picture, of course, The composition is nice, using the rule of thirds, with the tallest building offsetting the subjects. The tulle adds a nice soft touch. But I'm just not getting that feeling of the next level. 

The first thing I did was adjust the curves and color saturation. If you remember the post yesterday, the saturation was everything in this shoot - color color and more color!

Here's what the curve adjusted and saturated image looked like:

Southern Massachusetts, Providence, Moving Lives Photography

This is where most photographers stop. They adjust lighting in post-processing, add a sun flare, adjust the colors and curves.

But it takes someone with an art background to see what's still missing. Don't get me wrong, it's still a great shot. But it needed more.

So I painstakingly added a sky and sea overlay in Photoshop. I even ghosted a little added tulle, just to give it some movement. And voila..................