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3 quick and easy photography tips for taking better photos of your kids!

Ok, so continuing on with my "photography tips and tricks" - I want to start with how to frame a great picture of your kiddo! So I tried to pick the three most important things that make my photos into something awesome!

Photography Tip #1: My first favorite way of shooting my daughter is to fill the frame with her face.

What's the point of the background?! If you want a picture of your kiddo, then TAKE A FULL FRAME PICTURE OF YOUR KIDDO! What better keepsake than to have an entire photo filled with your son or daughter's beautiful smile!? Or their expressive eyes?!

Full-frame shots are captivating!

Take a look at the below images - there's a difference between these two (yes, I'm using my dogs' mugs as examples). Can you see it?

This shot is too far away, nothing interesting about it.

This shot is too far away, nothing interesting about it.

This shot fills the frame! Now you can see her "puppy dog eye" expression!

This shot fills the frame! Now you can see her "puppy dog eye" expression!

Photography Tip #2: Rule of Thirds!

Now what about this thing you always hear about...."rule of thirds"?

I love taking photos that are not completely centered. Not only am I filling the frame height-wise, but I'm offsetting the shot, so that the subject is more interesting, and I'm putting the focus on a specific feature or action.

Take the below image. I've divided the image up into thirds. I want the viewer to focus on the action of this little girl breaking apart a cattail in the wind. So I framed the shot so that the action was within the left "third" of the frame.

(click to enlarge) Notice how not only did I frame the action of the shot within the left "third", but I also filled the frame with the child (it wasn't taken from afar!) 

The effect that this gives is that you feel as if you're "in the moment" or "seeing the world through the child's eyes".

Photography Tip #3: Add the drama!

Now that you have FILLED THE FRAME and used the RULE OF THIRDS, let's add some DRAMA!

Maybe that means a child is peering back from the slide. Or maybe a child is sitting on the swing. Or maybe the child is peeking from behind. Either way, try to capture that moment using the first two rules: fill the frame and use the rule of thirds!

Not only did this child's face appear very close to the camera, but I used the playground structure to frame her face, and offset it to the left third of the photo. What are your eyes drawn to? Her eyes? I hope so!

Stick with me as I continue my tips and tutorials, intermixed with my Photo 365 blog - follow along! And please use the hashtag #immovinglives to share your trials and errors! Comment in the box below or follow on Facebook!

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