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toddlers and squirt guns

Give a toddler a squirt gun, they'll be occupied for hours on a sunny, warm August evening. So that's what we did. I grabbed my camera and figured I'd work on my shutter speed settings again. I was still a little disappointed with how the water droplets were looking (I think it was still overexposed), but I was at least able to capture the motion of the water and the moving kiddo this time!

I played with the colors this time, depending on the mood of the photo. The single shot with my daughter walking by just seemed so "boss" (for lack of a better word, I promise you, I'm not that hip in any way). So I wanted it to have a very muted, old-school feel. The rest of them, depending on the background became either black and white or intense color, especially since it was during the golden hour. 

One thing I need to work on is the story-telling....because I played with the colors so much, there's not a consistent color range, which makes the viewer feel like it's not part of one, cohesive moment in time. Hmmmmm....perhaps my next topic?