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how 20+ photos came together to create one whimsical photo {just for fun}

Holiday weekend, yay!! As you can see, I didn't do much - put the blog posts on hold for the weekend! But I didn't stop with photography for the entire weekend, trust me! I played with my daughter and we made our own whimsical world :-)

Cool, huh? My daughter didn't quite understand what we were doing when we first started taking pictures. She was standing on a chair. She didn't understand how I was going to "make her fly" after we took the photo. And of course, right after we took her shot, she had to take a nap....trust me, it was very needed.

During nap time, daddy helped me take all the additional photos that I needed - he was an amazing help! I couldn't have done it by myself.....

Want to know exactly how it was done? Check out the collage below....and this wasn't all the pictures! There were over 25 photos that came together to make one whimsical image. 

The chair was left in the same place the entire time, until the very last shot (so that I had one good background image as a base. But the key is to NEVER EVER move the camera. EVER! And you have to do it on a cloudy day or do it in the shade, so that you'll never have one photo with sunlight in a weird place. And finally, it's all about the wind. Don't do it on a windy day or you'll have the trees blowing in places you don't want them to!

Once I had all the photos, I started in Lightroom. I edited all the photos to have the same effects (grain, split tone, vibrancy, etc.). If you're going to edit one, you have to edit them ALL!

Once I was done getting the look of each photo how I wanted, I moved into Photoshop. In Photoshop, I combined all 25 images........layers and layers and more layers! 

Now, of course, there are things I would have done differently. I would have not used 3 buckets. I swear, they are all DIFFERENT pictures - but my husband was actually TOO GOOD with holding it exactly the same each time. 

Secondly, there's one part that I had to photoshop quite a lot (I won't say where, but if you look closely, you can figure it out). All I will say is, I will plan better for next time :-)