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the ONE reason why you should hire a photographer that doesn't just give away digital files

Everyone nowadays looks for a photographer that gives away the most digital files with the price of a photo session. With today's social media, digital files are becoming increasingly expected with photoshoots. Moms and grandmas want to share the beautiful photos of their little ones with the world through Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Many people will search for a local photographer that does nice work, see that the session fee and digital downloads are included in one low price. 

But here is the ONE reason why you should NEVER base your photographer decision on how many digital files they give you with your session fee.

When a photographer sends you digital files, they have been color calibrated on their own monitor through whatever editing program they use (I use a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop). They do this so that when it is sent to a professional print house, the color is stunning. 

Check this out...Here's a random photo that I had printed with a cheap, run-of-the-mill batch printer - it was an everyday photo taken of my daughter, not at all professionally done. The print cost me about 15 cents. It's sitting next to the computer monitor with the image as it was sent to me. Look at the difference! Ugh!

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The print has an overall pinkish-purple tone. Even if the original picture wasn't perfect, this just shows you how completely different a printer can output your beautiful images!  And (you can't tell as much here) but the paper is warped already! Yuck! And this is only a 4x6 print...imagine had I sent this to a run-of-the-mill printer to have done on a large scale? Would you want this hung up on your wall??

When I go into a home and see one our prints on the wall, I want to know that it's going to last a lifetime. I would be horrified if one of my prints on a clients' wall had a green or pink tint from fading - that's my pride, as well as yours!

Instead of basing your decision to hire a photographer based on how many digital files they provide, you should be asking what packages they offer. Many high-end photographers don't offer digital files up front with their session fees. And a lot of people question why it's not included. Not only do those photographers spend countless hours editing your beautiful photos, but they want you to get the best product out there. They work with professional print houses, ensuring the crop is correct (if you send your digital file to a regular online printer to get an 8x10 made, I guarantee something will be cropped out!) and that the color is gorgeous and timeless. It will not fade. It will be on premium paper that won't warp.....and even mounted on sintra or mat board. If a canvas is what you're looking for, a professional photographer will make sure that it's printed directly on the canvas, using special large-format inkjet printers that you won't find at a batch printer.

And even though you may want those digital files to share all over Facebook, it's actually a GOOD thing to hang them up in your house! Did you know that studies have shown that when children see portraits of themselves hanging on the walls, they build confidence and self-esteem? It's true - a study was done by Dr. Sears, the famed pediatrician, himself! Check out more of the article here. So hang those canvas prints up - not just to show off your kids, but help them feel confident!

Printing has become a lost art. Not everyone can do it and not everyone who does provide the service does it well. A photographer who's willing to print 15 times to make sure the color, the finish, and the crop is perfect is the photographer you want. Yes, you will pay more. But isn't it worth it?